ad — Netatalk compatible UNIX file utility suite.


ad {ls} [...]


ad is a UNIX file utlity suite with Netatalk compatibity. AppleDouble files in .AppleDouble directories and the CNID databases are updated as appropiate.

Available Commands

ad ls [-dRl[u]] {file|dir [...]}

-l Long Output [-u: unix info]:

   <unixinfo ...> <FinderFlags> <AFPAttributes> <Color> <Type> <Creator> <CNID from AppleDouble> <name>

   FinderFlags (valid for (f)ile and/or (d)irectory):
     d = On Desktop (f/d)
     e = Hidden extension (f/d)
     m = Shared (can run multiple times) (f)
     n = No INIT resources (f)
     i = Inited (f/d)
     c = Custom icon (f/d)
     t = Stationery (f)
     s = Name locked (f/d)
     b = Bundle (f/d)
     v = Invisible (f/d)
     a = Alias file (f/d)

     y = System (f/d)
     w = No write (f)
     p = Needs backup (f/d)
     r = No rename (f/d)
     l = No delete (f/d)
     o = No copy (f)

  Note: any letter appearing in uppercase means the flag is set but it's a directory for which the flag is not allowed.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to the Netatalk-devel list <>.

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