List of Examples

3.1. atalkd.conf containing one entry
3.2. atalkd.conf containing one entry after atalkd started
3.3. atalkd.conf containing several entries with the -dontroute option
3.4. atalkd.conf containing several entries with the -dontroute option after atalkd started
3.5. atalkd.conf making netatalk a seed router on two interfaces
3.6. atalkd.conf configured for "zone mapping"
3.7. atalkd.conf for a soft-seed router configuration
3.8. atalkd.conf for a soft-seed router configuration after atalkd started
3.9. atalkd.conf ready for mixed seed/soft-seed mode
3.10. pap printing to a PostScript LaserWriter
3.11. pap printing to a non-PostScript printer
5.1. afp_ldap.conf setup with simple bind
5.2. afp_signature.conf three servers on one netatalk
5.3. afp_voluuid.conf three TM volumes on one netatalk
5.4. afpd.conf onfiguration line
5.5. Three server definitions using 2 different server signatures
5.6. Useful default config
5.7. Debugging config
5.8. afpd logging to different files
5.9. Disable afpd logging set at build-time from configure
5.10. afpd.conf default configuration
5.11. afpd.conf MacCyrillic setup / UTF8 unix locale
5.12. afpd.conf setup for Kerberos V auth with newline escaping
5.13. afpd.conf letting afpd appear as three servers on the net
5.14. :DEFAULT: configuration line
5.15. Volume for a collaborative workgroup
5.16. Using variable substitution when defining volumes
5.17. use a 1.x style volume
5.18. use a 1.x style volume, created with maccode.iso8859-1
5.19. Extension is jpg. Type is "JPEG". Creator is "ogle".
5.20. Extension is lzh. Type is "LHA ". Creator is not defined.
5.21. Useful default config
5.22. Debugging config
5.23. papd.conf System V printing system examples
5.24. papd.conf examples using pipes
5.25. papd.conf CUPS examples