Chapter 1. Introduction to Netatalk

Netatalk is an OpenSource software package, that can be used to turn a *NIX machine into an extremely high-performance and reliable file server for Macintosh computers.

Using Netatalk's AFP 3.3 compliant file-server leads to significantly higher transmission speeds compared with Macs accessing a server via SaMBa/NFS while providing clients with the best possible user experience (full support for Macintosh metadata, flawlessly supporting mixed environments of classic MacOS and MacOS X clients)

Due to Netatalk speaking AppleTalk, the print-server task can provide printing clients with full AppleTalk support as well as the server itself with printing capabilities for AppleTalk-only printers. Starting with version 2.0, Netatalk seamlessly interacts with CUPS on the server.

After all, Netatalk can be used to act as an AppleTalk router, providing both segmentation and zone names in Macintosh networks.