dbd — CNID database maintenance


dbd [-fsv] volumepath


dbd scans all file and directories of AFP volumes, updating the CNID database of the volume. It must be run with appropriate permissions i.e. as root..



convert from adouble:v2 to adouble:ea


delete and recreate CNID database


location of the afp.conf config file


scan volume: treat the volume as read only and don't perform any filesystem modifications


show statistics while running




display version info

CNID background

The CNID backends maintains name to ID mappings. If you change a filename outside afpd(8) (shell, samba), the CNID database will not reflect that change. Netatalk tries to recover from such inconsistencies as gracefully as possible.

See also

cnid_metad(8), cnid_dbd(8)