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What is Netatalk for? What can I do with it? Which operating systems does Netatalk currently support? Where can I get more Information on Netatalk? I use an older Netatalk version. Should I upgrade to 2.0? I think, I found a bug in netatalk. Where should I report it? Is there an RPM, package, or tarball for my platform? Which CNID scheme should I choose for my volumes? I want to create a new volume to share via Netatalk. How should I start? How does Netatalk integrate with Samba? I can't seem to use passwords longer than 8 characters for my Netatalk accounts / I would like to use encrypted passwords to authenticate to the Netatalk server. How can I fix that? What are the .AppleDouble and .AppleDB? directories and .Parent files which are created in the Netatalk Shares? Why can't I mount more than one server? How can I check the consistency of the CNID databases? How do you use netatalk over ssh? How can I contribute to the FAQ?

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