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NB: This page is a work in progress (WIP). If you see this disclaimer, please be aware the the walkthrough presented below may be incomplete or may contain errors resulting in a broken install.

As of the date of creation of this page (27th April 2013), Netatalk v3 has yet to reach any of the currently-available Debian branches (stable, testing, unstable or experimental)---in fact, the latest version offered is 2.2.2-1. Given the significant improvements in v3, it seemed prudent to offer a walkthrough on obtaining, compiling and installing Netatalk v3 from source on this platform.

This walkthrough comprises the steps taken by someone unfamiliar with either Debian or compiling, and results in a working install of Netatalk v3.0.3 capable of sharing the Debian user folders, and shared volumes, via a relatively secure authenticated login. It does not comprise any steps allowing for Bonjour auto-discovery, as the target machine was being optimised for energy-savings. All steps were undertaken via an SSH connection from a local client machine.

Obtaining the Netatalk 3 source code


Compiling Netatalk 3 with the required dependencies


Installing Netatalk 3 using Checkinstall


Configuring Netatalk 3 for client access


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