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Results lantest version 0.x

Test Test details Read 200 files Write 30 MB Read 30 MB Lock/Unlock 4000x Enumerate 320 files Create ditree w. 10^3 dirs
1 Linux x86_64, Xeon E5520@2.27GHz, FC RAID, ext3, localhost 0.235 s 0.116 s 0.053 s 0.472 s 0.426 s 0.548 s
2 Opensolaris x86_64, Phenom II X4@2.7 GHz, sATA, ZFS, localhost 0.047 s 0.061 s 0.040 s 0.139 s 3.334 s 11.885 s
3 HELIOS UB+ on Macpro x86 Xeon, builtin Harddisk, 100 MBit 0.301 s 3.077 s 2.957 s 3.997 s 0.014 s 1.587 s
4 Netatalk 2-node cluster on CentOS 5.4 x86 in Virtualbox VM on Opensolaris x86_64, Phenom II X4@2.7 GHz, iSCSI, GFS2, localhost 3.116 s 0.719 s 3.225 s 7.734 s 0.399 s 12.478 s
5 Same cluster as in 4), but this time with 2 cluster nodes running `lantest` concurrently 4.192 s 1.498 s 6.789 s 10.280 s 0.510 s 139.706 s
6 Netatalk 2-node cluster on Ubuntu 10beta1 x86 in Virtualbox VM on Opensolaris x86_64, Phenom II X4@2.7 GHz, iSCSI, OCFS2, localhost 0.170 s 0.780 s 0.583 s 0.839 s 0.111 s 1.336 s
7 Same cluster as in 6), but this time with 2 cluster nodes running `lantest` concurrently 0.490 s 0.858 s 1.366 s 1.646 s 0.276 s 41.288 s

Notes on individual tests

2) Prior to lantest version 1.0.0 this test time includes the time it took to create the test files. ZFS is just being safe here, honoring cache flush request from the CNID daemon. Currently the CNID daemon packs every CNID database modification into a dedicated database transaction which causes a cache flush. A fast ZIL may help.

4) A Netatalk Cluster using GFS2 as shared fs. Fast at some stuff, a little slow with other stuff. GFS2 is mounted with "noatime,nodiratime" options.

5) Apparently GFS2 doesn't like creating directories... But note: ALL traffic, including clusterwide locking stuff AND iSCSI had to pass in and out the VMs, so I'd expect a custer with real hardware to perform much better.

6) Another Netatalk cluster exactly speced like 4), but this time with OCFS2. This tests a very fresh version of OCFS2 which brings support for POSIX byterange locks. Without them Netatalk would be foobared. GFS2/OCFS2 shootout: OCFS2 wins hands down! Note: I had forgotten to set noatime mount option, using that would probably make things even faster.

See Table editing for help.

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