Chapter 5. Manual Pages

Table of Contents

achfile — change type and/or creator of Apple Macintosh files (netatalk format)
acleandir — clean up a directory containing netatalk Apple Macintosh files
aecho — send AppleTalk Echo Protocol packets to network hosts
afile — display type and creator of Apple Macintosh files (netatalk format)
afpd — AppleTalk Filing Protocol daemon
afpd.conf — Configuration file used by afpd(8) to determine the setup of its file sharing services
afppasswd — netatalk password maintenance utility
AppleVolumes.default — Configuration file used by afpd(8) to determine the shares made available through Appletalk
apple_cp — Do an apple copy, copying file metadata and the resource fork as well
apple_mv — Do an apple move, moving metadata and the resource fork as well
apple_rm — Do an apple remove, remove metadata and resource fork as well — Queries AFP servers for their capabilities
atalk — AppleTalk protocol family
atalkd — AppleTalk RTMP, NBP, ZIP, and AEP manager
atalkd.conf — Configuration file used by atalkd(8) to determine the interfaces used by the master Netatalk daemon
atalk_aton — AppleTalk address parsing
cnid_dbd — implement access to CNID databases through a dedicated daemon process
cnid_index — check and repair Netatalk CNID database indexes
cnid_metad — start cnid_dbd daemons on request
getzones — list AppleTalk zone names
megatron — Macintosh file format transformer
nbp — access NBP database
nbp_name — NBP name parsing
netatalk.conf — Configuration file used by netatalk(8) to determine its general configuration
netatalk-config — script to get information about the installed version of netatalk
pap — client interface to remote printers using Printer Access Protocol
papd — AppleTalk print server daemon
papd.conf — Configuration file used by papd(8) to determine the configuration of printers used by the Netatalk printing daemon
papstatus — get the status of an AppleTalk-connected printer
psf — PostScript filter
psorder — PostScript pageorder filter
timelord — Macintosh time server daemon
uniconv — convert Netatalk volume encoding

This is a collection of the man pages delivered with Netatalk.